ICTK Holdings

Since 2009, ICTK began joint development of “VIA PUF” technology with Hanyang University and finally succeed in launching the world’s first mass-produced PUF products in 2016. It is the only PUF technology which does not require error correction code to sustain its random value from being changed. ICTK’s VIA PUF products are now embedded in China and Korea’s leading smart home electronic products, access points, smart car systems, IP cameras and drones to support safe communication.



The company is one of a few blockchain experts in Korea. With decades of experience in Oracle DB system building, EpitomeCL members have prior experiences in creating various blockchain systems for Shinhan Bank, KOSCOM, KB Bank and Bank of Korea. Signature projects include Multi-sig Wallet, Lightening Network, Sidechain and Consensus Engine, among other related endeavors.


Professor Ho Hyeorn Han of Kyung Hee University

Professor Han (Department of Computer Science) has had professional experience building smartcard payment systems, digital transportation payment system and PKI building as a government official since the late 1990s. With his industry expertise in digital currency and infrastructure, he has been focusing on real-life, blockchain-based transaction systems.


Professor Dongsoo Han of KAIST

Professor Han (Department of Computer Science) has long been an expert in indoor positioning and navigation system. He has been applying his positioning technology to safeguard blockchain transaction from unusual transaction patterns. He stresses on the use of unspent transaction output (UTXO) data with the transaction location for added security. Professor Han is a member of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society and a board member of ITS Korea Society.